H2020 | Insurance
2017 – 2020

A consortium research project exploring the value of transparent, scientific models to the insurance sector and beyond. Funded by the EU Commission's Horizon 2020 funding framework. I lead the fluvial flood hazard modelling of the Danube basin in close cooperation with major re/insurance companies.

DFG RU Health & Climate Change
2020 – 2023

A research project investigating the linkages between climate change, nutrition and health in sub-Saharan Africa (Kenia and Burkina Faso in particular). I provide hydrological modelling results in cooperation with medical research staff (mainly based at University of Heidelberg).


A consortium research project studying the drivers and pressures on the river oases of the Tarim River, NW China. I modelled the glacial and hydrological changes of the Tarim headwater in the past and over the 21st century.